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Published:January 16th, 2008 15:18 EST
King was a Sleep Walker

King was a Sleep Walker

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

In some circles, Kings Birthday is celebrated and given great honor.  In other`s it`s barely mentioned.  Why is this?  Are people still harboring racial prejudice in their heart from way back or is it because racism has went underground.

I`m not sure what the real deal is but often times it appears that racism in America is like the Iraq War.  Some say insurgent troops have taken off their hoods and cloaks and put on suits to blend in with all the other freedom fighters.  Others say racism rises up from time to time like Suicide Bombers unexpectedly.  Similar to the way Clinton and Obama were going at it a few days back.  Hopefully, they`ve called a truce.  Now if politicians really respect Dr. Kings Dream then we should live as though we mean it and take off all the weapons of racism and all the battle gear.  Today`s poem is to honor the Dream again.   

King was a Sleep Walker

A torn letter
in the Crooked Wind
arrived in my Email box

From:  a Dear friend,

the other day

With the words from a man, who
Was more than a man, not any
Man but a man named King,
Who could`ve been king
Because he dreamed things those awake never seen.


can be challenged by words

From:  a torn letter,

because the words were torn,

She said, he said, was said
Around the time I was a little boy
But so was every man like my daddy
During the time when every man
Was respected for being a man
Except for "that`s right that man King.

I`m saying what she said, he said,
If a man hasn`t discovered something
He will die for, he isn`t fit to live ".

Like bells of freedom ringing those
Words sung a song in my heart that
I never heard birds sing. 

But birds can`t be kings
but we be Kings like King when we dream.
And people can`t really appreciate
freedom like a Prisoner
but King knew
men can`t be FREE
until they`re willing to die
for something. 
So most men
Aren`t fit to live when they`re not
Willing to be fitted with death.

Sow me a suit then " not like the one
I can buy from Marshall Fields.
I want a new suit not made by any man`s

One that`s never ridden
the edge
Of a sewing machine. 
I want one
Like King. 

One that the Lord made me to fit in.
One that I dreamed for me because
I believed in something worth dieing for.

One that makes a man worth living after
He`s given all he can give
but still others
Want more
even though there`s

but a sleep walker
who`s dreamin`?
Things that others forgot were possible
Can only be dreamed
by those who
Sleep Walk
Like King.