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Published:January 21st, 2008 01:52 EST
What Has Become Of His Dreams?

What Has Become Of His Dreams?

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

~What Has Become Of His Dream?~

Those who seek peace
Do not do so
By ignoring there is war
Those who seek equality
Do not do so
By pretending
There is no such thing
As unfair treatment
Those who survived
The Holocaust
Do not want it to be forgotten
Because they don't want
The atrocities to be repeated
Those who have relatives
Who endured slavery
Do not want it forgotten either
For to forget the past
Is to not be prepared for the future
Those who remember
The horrible things
That have happened
Need to keep those memories alive
Not to incite hate
But to prevent the recurrence
Of such acts
The Trail of Tears happened
The Holocaust happened
Slavery happened
War, is happening as I write this
It is not militant to remember
It is thee most important thing
Any of us can do
For how can humanity reach higher planes
If we hide or cover up the mistakes
Of the past?
In remembering Martin Luther Kings dream
It is not wrong
To remember why he had that dream
And why his love for humanity
All humanity
Was such that he believed
We could all live together in peace
And no race of people would or should
Be subjected to what the black race
In America was once subjected to!
I believe in all people regardless of race!
Because of him
One must never forget
The opposite side of that coin!
One must never forget
That once men's heads were counted along with
The heads of sheep and cattle!
One must never forget
The horrible racism and inequality
He gave his life for!
I personally believe that quite a few
Really have
I can't imagine how he would feel
Hearing music by blacks about killing other blacks
Seeing blacks prefer to be cool and violent
Rather than educated and peaceful beings
Seeing role models
That degrade their own women!
Seeing children growing up
In families where it is the norm for there to be
But one parent!
Seeing prisons over crowded
And hat they fought so hard for
By so many
Inequality still exist
Fairness is not a given
But who are the role models of today's youth?
Not only do I not want to forget
Why Martin Luther King
Was a man of peace and great vision
And wished for all men to be free
I want to know
Where in today's world
Are those that truly carry on
The torch
That he so brilliantly lit our world with?
I wish I could only say peaceful things and give tribute
But to do so would be in gore our own failings
Our own short comings
And our own or many peoples blatant disregard
For why he is remembered so fondly!
In reality
This isn't just a day of remembrance
It is a day
Where if we are honest
We can realistically look at
What has become
Of his dream
By Chase von
The Last Panther
All rights reserved