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Published:February 14th, 2008 06:24 EST
~A Poem~

~A Poem~

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

~A Poem~

You look at me

And then you bite

Your lower lip

And look down

And somehow I know

With no way of knowing

Perhaps it is the light

That is illuminating

From your downward glance

That you are still seeing my image

Burned into your retinas

Just as your countenance

Is permanently stamped

Into my mind's eye for forever

Slowly you look up

As if to ensure that the image and

The man are the same

And your eyes smile

Your lovely lips smile

And my heart and soul smiles

You then reach up

And ever so gently

Run your fingers down my face

And I feel as if my soul

Has been brushed by an

Angels wings

I draw you to me

And the aroma of you intoxicates me

I drink in your fragrance

And I gently kiss your mouth

Honey and hotness

Tender nips that grow to hungry mouthfuls

We part

We stare

And we feel the love

And the loss

Because what is felt

Is not what is supposed to be

What has happened

Wasn't supposed to occur

And the rightness of it

Is over shadowed by the weight

Of our self-conscious wonderings...

We part

We still hold hands

And we both speak volumes

Without saying a single word

I turn and leave

At the door you call my name

I look back expectantly

And you say

Never mind

Be safe!

I wish you the same

The door closes

And I lean on it long enough

To look over my shoulder and say

Under my breath

True, I am not supposed to but...

I love you!

And you

Now sitting on your bed

Wondering why or what

Allowed the moment to pass

Say in the voice

That is in

Your mind...

"I called you really

Not to say

Be safe

But really

To say

Be mine!"

Because I love you

That much!

Then with pen and paper

You begin to write your thoughts

And eventually those scattered thoughts

On tear-stained paper

Become a poem...

By Chase von


The Last Panther

All rights reserved