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Published:February 28th, 2008 08:19 EST


By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

My thoughts bigger than you could imagine
big, Big, much BIGGER
A trillion imaginations,
More thoughts than a mathematician could figure
Like the mailman I can deliver,
Hydro-electric metaphysical thoughts
Enough to power a river
Supersonic thought patterns firing off
Transcendental meditations
With enuff thought-light to power all the nations
A genius at work is a prolific sensation
I can learn 7.2 thoughts per second
I’m A BIG Thinker I never stop checkin’

Think along, Think Free
Think along with me
Think along, don’t tinker
THINK I'm a Big Thinker

Brain capacity’s interconnected transistors
set ablaze, R-U amazed
not by what I’m writing but how I think
you can think bigger but you betta not blink,
All I need is a half of Shakespeare
Einstein intellect, Carvers peanut
The nerve to say so what
If I could experiment like Edison and
Never give in, Observe like Franklin
And always win, walk on water like Jesus and Never sin. 
I could run faster than a hurricane wind.
If I say pink how fast can you THINK?
The color.

These are the words from another brother
not a passing phase
but how long can you stay amazed?
when you’re looking at a STAR
unleashing my thoughts
I’m a Big Thinker.
Not for the simple minded
Stinker, smell that
Ideas are invisible
Words unravel, my thought gravel
cognitive travel cross my mind
Neuronic Highways, dangle over mental skyways
I’m thinking a roadway in space
One small step for man & I’ll rest my case.

I chose not to do it my ways
As you hear Sinatra plays
synaptically binding sounds to make bridges
Counter thought ridges
Patternisque pictures create mind-links
Forgetful mind sinks
My Imagination,
Stretched across nations…
Reaching way out…there it goes
thinking sensation.  I don’t have to try to be I am, like Sam I am
a Big Thinker.