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Published:February 29th, 2008 06:05 EST
We Stand For Justice

We Stand For Justice

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

It was Just-US
Playing in the sun
Free from everyone
Then you came
We did not know your name
Mini wars plenty shores
For you to land on
Our land
We were Sold and taken
Into slavery
Stripped like bacon
Fought wars of bravery
My kind your kind, battle for my Mine
My Mind no longer Mine,
Treated like swine,
Transported like cargo
Your commodity,
please just let me be FREE
Battle for my body, not anybody, not your body
Treated real snotty
Justice….Where was she?
Blinded by the ocean, lost by the sea
Ignoring the commotion
Putting on lotion,
For her lover the judge
Who held the grudge against my people
But no longer my people,
your people too
tell me ya'll what we goin do
with Justice
I could not find her,
To remind her, pull off your blinder
When I met Justice she didn’t see me,
Wanna be me, wanna free me


All I saw was Just-US
In a ship
Larger than Noah’s ark
you could here dogs bark
Sniffin me out again
Man’s best friend, my enemy
Drain my energy
Pull me on board I cried,
She cried, he cried there was a loud cry
I moaned, he moaned,
She moaned, we gro-ooa-aaned
The waters rose the land Shrunk,
musty bodies skunk like stunk
A miserable smell a loud Funk roSE!
I smelled, he smelled, she smelled
Couldn’t wash my own tail,
Couldn’t see my own feet,
All I saw was excrete,
Some were like dead meat
You could hear flies
Where are my blue skies
Tears streamin my eyes
Where is truth without lies
No one to hear my alibis
Chained together in a seashell,
No space to move like jail
What a cell straight from hell
It was, Just-US without bail
No body to pay your bond card
No GOD to cry Oh Lord
Just hard, hard time
You like keeping Justice blind,
You like Justice out her mind
You like Justice with her wine
She’s not  favorable to my kind
That’s why you like Justice blind


On the block for sell,
you could hear my momma yell
she was no where, no where to be seen.
Slave owners are real mean
They look cool as they stare you down
Walk round and round, and around
Examine you like meat, like cattle
Thank God for Lincoln’s battle
But that’s still down the road comin’
You could here a negro hummin’
Workin in the field,
Push that barge, Tow that bail,
when you gonna produce that male
Another strong male for breedin’
More slaves is what I’m needin


Exchanging black bodies for green cash
You better co-operate or slash
You could hear the whip snap
We ain’t takin no crap
All I saw was rivers of black skin
In tremendous oceans of white wind,
Projecting fear at night
To keep us scared, lonely and afraid
We know you just trying to get paid.
On the plantation, my occupation
elevates the nation,
as our tears stream down for years like precipitation
Slavery the new economic technology, keep them
entertained is the new psychology.
When they want what's funny, we be makin'
all the money. 
TV keeps them detained,
entertained as we advertise mind control,
a man without a purpose is a man without a soul.
A dollar spent in ignorance keeps the poor out
of control.


Where was Justice when it was Just-US,
Was she the one drivin’ the bus
when we was in the back of the line,
Thank God Rosa Parks made up her mind
To sit in the front of the bus
The history books won’t say but some cussed
get in the back you _____ some fussed
You don’t have to excuse my being black
You can keep gettin’ rich off my back
Because in your eyes I’m still a slave
    From the time I’m born till I reach my grave
But Justice don’t determine my destiny
Justice don’t tell me who to be
Justice can’t keep me from being free
When it’s Just-US we stand for Justice