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Published:April 24th, 2008 03:36 EST

If Butterflys Be Free...Then Why Can't We?

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Have you ever wondered how glorious it must be to float in space?  Colorful and gracefully like the butterfly.  To think that man's wreckless management of our earth may lead to the end of the freedom the butterfly enjoy's is so hard to imagine it hurts my mind to think of it.  So what can I do to make a difference in this possible future ecological imbalance we may incur?  So here let me offer a poem to the solution.  It's called "If Butterflys Be Free... Then Why Can't We?  I hope you enjoy it like the ocean.


If Butterflys Be Free... Then Why Can't We?
Hey you, Hey YOU
Mrs. Butterfly
how high, How HIGH
can you fly
your colors a contrast
of my past
your beauty a rainbow
If Butterflys Be Free
Then why Can't We?
you're Free, you're FREE
Mrs. Butterfly
your beauty, Much BEAUTY
I can't deny
You're amazing, So AMAZING
I wonder why.
If Butterflys Be Free
Then why Can't We?
From a catepillar walking
all around.
creeping creeping on the ground
Hide a moment in your cocoon
Break For Freedom from your lagoon
you creature soaring through the air
how do you DARE
fly everywhere.
without a care with no concern
what can I learn, is it my turn?
If Butterflys Be Free
Then why Can't We?
So tell me, tell me
once again
Is Freedom Free
When you're FREE within
You're beautiful, so beautiful to me
Mrs. Butterfly Be Free--TO BE.
And if Butterflys Be Free
Then why Can't We?