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Published:April 30th, 2008 09:19 EST
Something Else To Get Us Through

Something Else To Get Us Through

By David Richardson

Aeschylus with his Agamemnon.



All the way up to Camus

And beyond.



Wolfe, Thomas, that is,

Chopin and Brecht,

And don’t forget about Garcia Marquez.


It’s so nice to get lost

in time.

It’s so nice to uncover what’s

behind this mind.


Hemingway with his whiskey,

Along with Jean Genet looking for the key,

Shirley Jackson and her Lottery,

And Hegesias’ lectures just might set you free.


It’s so nice sometimes

to be a part of the crime.

It’s so nice sometimes

to get a hold of this thing they call time.


Locke and Roth,

Sandburg and Eliot,

The farm and Kesey,

And all that fucking Greek tragedy.


It’s so nice.

It’s so nice.

Come along with me.