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Published:May 4th, 2008 08:17 EST
Ungrateful and Greedy

Ungrateful and Greedy

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

 As the sun is sinking low
 I sit and ponder
 Where our path is leading
 For the future?
Virtues, morals, ethics
 Man is refusing
But happily
Vice we embrace.
Freedom I denied
Bondage often my pleasure receiving.
The world in fever (chuckle)
Where Truth & falsehood reign
While falsehood is assumed to be The Truth only.
‘I do so swear’
A will sweetly obeyed.
The philosophy presented has a T-viewed .i.e. no matter
what path you take, you’ll always come back to that line
joining to the horizontal giving the T structure.
Ungrateful & Greedy is about our society, to begin with I want us to understand that in life man is too busy such that he/she can’t afford to sacrifice few seconds in giving thanks thus will always give the impression he/she is ungrateful.
Again, also know that behind any situation in life has a meaning depending on how the knowledge is resided in the mind.
A proper dissection of the mind and brain, one will realize that the heart is chopping up with the dreams and thoughts of greater treasures.
Imagine the distractions that crowd the mind?
With a cold mind I understand the meaning and reasons behind all distractive gadgetries; this is just because they don’t want us to ever have time praying to God.
‘I do so swear’ a will sweetly obeyed.
Permit me narrate this little story;
In my late teenage as I strolled down street, I witnessed this campaign, and in his speech he concluded by saying; ‘the most frustrating thing is that we know what it’s suppose to be done but we simply can’t act upon it’.
Yes papa! Although then I never understood, but am happy today I do.
Again I asked,
Could anyone explain to me what is The Truth or Falsehood?
Imagine I killed John and decided to confine in James, only for James to tell Paul, after assuring me that no one will hear of it. In this situation, is James speaking the truth or lie by betraying me.
Please don’t misunderstand me; I am aware some people will say falsehood is the physical act that causes harm or fun to those involved.
Falsehood has a beginning and an end, it’s very interesting and entertaining.
Also understand that for every truth lays the falsehood, this is relatively.
The Truth is a matter of time, it has no witnessed except time, which has no beginning and no end.
The Truth is not pluralized, it’s the only and forever will remain.