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Published:May 4th, 2008 07:57 EST
Where my Heart Lie!!!

Where my Heart Lie!!!

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Where my heart lie!!!

Have you ever loved somebody
So much that you can’t sleep?
I am in love with a catholic Rev. father
To the extend that I wish
And desire having a family with him.
Little did I know?
We all felt the same.
Day and Night crying
Asking God,
Loves Him genuinely a sin…
Then I thought it’s wise
Leaving the city for another,
With the hope of getting him out of mind
Since ‘m out of his site.
Time has come
And gone.
 I met a cute, handsome
Talented and tendering man
Readily I was to start a new life.
 My wedding day,
As I   am walking towards the alter
I saw him
Standing there
Ready to join my fiancée and I in holy matrimony
Alter the alter,
The priest poses the question…
And Turn to me asking
‘Do you take Mr. …
As your lovely wedded husband,
To love and care…
Till death do you part’.
I stirring at him,
Then smile
With tears running down my left chick
Saying to myself
Little do you know?

Where my heart lie…