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Published:May 5th, 2008 09:49 EST
Fat and grosse

Fat and grosse

By Theo Gerken

You are fat
and you are grosse
If I were you
I would never leave the house

you pollute your children too
their genetic strands
so beautiful

You think she'll take this lightly?
God will be merciful?

from birth harassed
on to be destroyed

what gives you the right
to take away a child’s life?

If you have a reason
please let it show
inquiring minds would like to know

what you do
is not by law
ending life slowly
is okay in our country

If you have a reason
let it show
inquiring minds would like to know

what you do
sure follows governmental jurisdiction
but the government is also blind
since it does not care preserve
the heritage of mankind

what gives you the right
to defy Gods creation?

If you have a reason
let it show
inquiring minds
would very much like to know


You think I want this?
You think there is hope

go ahead
dare fill me with laughter
you try tell me
after this cake
we'll live happily ever after?

Do you not understand?
I am not in command
It is not ignorance
It is emotional demand

How can you not see?
the emotional connection
runs deeper than the sea

At times I dive down
to reexplore my past
and understand
the shipwreck that is there
is severed
and it is just not healthy having it recovered

I would blame my family
for burdening me
my troubles

stem from them

see brought into life
I was the perfect child
a swan gliding along the sea
but my folks
kept anchoring me

I would break loose
gain some speed
to find an iceberg
right in front of me

the forces all around precipitate to
bring me down

I reemerged
As we humans
tend to do
all the dread
inside and all around
time after time
overwhelming me
was made by me

this insight what a gift
inside me turned a switch

it dawned upon me
all these icebergs
were not my family
not even the result of my failure
but the guilt coming with it
laying the foundation
for a new fresh set of
like brings like behaviors