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Published:May 5th, 2008 14:20 EST
Give it to me straight

Give it to me straight

By Theo Gerken

Lie me straight in the face
or do not lie at all
give it to me straight
and I may ease your fall

As one sad soul do refuse budge
we'll go to court
I'll be your judge

Just don't overanalyze my tactic
it is quite cylinder shaped

throughout the trial
you might notice an effect
economists call inflation

your head spinning around
your world turned upside down
as you now do begin see
the importance of my creation

all the more
you come part of my creation
that's what happens on a hands on rape
in exchange of hope
in exchange of faith

I entereed you
gained majority
far more than fifty-one percent
you have no choice
but repent

You lost your freedom
lost your voice
freedom of speech
freedom of choice

now and only now

will you from my point of view things begin see
through the majority
of all the many small me