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Published:May 19th, 2008 07:36 EST
Chase Von Interviews The One and Only Poetic Justice!  Author of When  Rainbows Fall!

Chase Von Interviews The One and Only Poetic Justice! Author of When Rainbows Fall!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Chase von: Sara, on behalf of the Student Operated Press and myself, I want to thank you for doing this interview! I haven't yet read "When Rainbows Fall"' but I have read "Stellar Expressions" and I really enjoyed that one. Recently I read and reviewed Alicia Keys book "Tears For Water" on Amazon, and I have to admit I found some similarities in the way you both express yourself. Although I do think you come across from what I can only say is an "Older" perspective. In the introduction she states and I quote:

"I called this Tears For Water because everything I have ever written has stemmed from my tears of joy, of pain, of sorrow, of depression, even of question. Every single word has come from some form of my tears. I use them as water to nourish me, quenching the thirst for understanding myself. I don't mind drinking tears for water."

The reason I share that is I would like for you to share with our readers why you yourself believe you write, and if you can relate to the reason Alicia Keys gives.

Sara: First off, I appreciate this amazing opportunity to be interviewed by the great Chase Von. :) Interesting you speak of Alicia Keys' “Tears for Water” as I own it and read it frequently. I can definitely relate to her reason for writing. I believe writing for me, and most poets, is the greatest form of expressing your experiences, spirit, mind, and soul to yourself and – if you so choose – an audience. I believe the more I write, the more my strength grows. And reading back on poems, I can reflect on that growth.

Chase von: Well, this is more like talking to an old friend than an interview you know Sara! (Smile). We've been through a lot together even though we connected from a great distance. I will always be grateful for your assistance with my own book, "Your Chance To Hear The Last Panther Speak" and I also hope it makes you feel good sometimes to know that you are listed in it not only as a friend in acknowledgements, but also as "Co Editor." Even though you told me repeatedly I didn't have to do that. I am however, someone that tries as best I can to recognize who ever has assisted me in any way I can. I also don't know with all the issues I was having at the time I was trying to bring it to light, if I could have done it without you.

So I've thanked you in private many times, it's great to have a forum to thank you again publicly! So again talented and very "Computer Smart Lady", I thank you again! Now can you share with our readers how your younger years were growing up, and when you first found yourself writing and how those writings eventually led to you being the author of two books?

Sara: Yes it is like talking to an old friend – a conversational read for all! :) I am indeed grateful for being able to be a part of your project. I told you repeatedly you didn't have to include me in the Co Editor acknowledgements because the act itself was truly an honor to do – but the recognition is still very much appreciated. And you're very welcome! To answer your question about my younger years, I was always very creative. I started off drawing and painting and throughout the years have developed a love of all arts (theatre, music, fine arts etc.). Writing started for me at around 14. I just found it so soothing at times to just sit down and write out my feelings or experiences in a creative way. With dramatic arts and drawing & painting, you are somewhat limited either by the script or the muse but with writing poetry, its like capturing a concept in a bottle and spinning it your own unique way. The first ten years of my writing was just sitting in hard copy form in a box. One day I decided that I would type every one of my poems up (dating back to 1995) and shortly after (since I type so fast – thank you Lord), I had 300 + poems on my computer. I decided I would like to work on a project I could be proud to say I had completed for myself, so that is when Stellar Expressions came together. “When Rainbows Fall” is a collection of my more recent works and I'm putting more energy towards marketing and selling this body of work.

Chase von: I would like to think I am not the only one but my first reaction to seeing your picture was, "Tupac Has A Sister In Canada?" Who ever Tupac's father was did some traveling! (Smile). On the serious tip, you and him have such similar eyes it is uncanny! You're a very lovely woman by the way and considering all the comments I know you get, you don't need me to tell you that, but how often does that question come up? You know, because of the physical resemblance of whether you two are related?

Perhaps personal, but my wife met Tupac before he was really huge and got his autograph. Someone she was seeing at the time got jealous and threw it away. I guess fate must have felt badly for her and then allowed her to meet me to make up for it. (Smile).

But really, I would think on a daily basis people that are just meeting you must do double takes and then say at least to themselves, "Where have I seen those eyes at?" (Smile).

Sara: Ha! Thank you so much! Honestly, I'm not sure how many people think that but I have had a few people mention that to me. I have a poster-size charcoal drawing I did of him a few years ago up on my wall, and I took a picture the other day and stood near it. Upon looking at the picture, I can now see why people have said this. It’s an amazing compliment to me because I have such a huge adoration for his work. To me, 2pac reeked of creativity, knowledge, wisdom, strength, courage, and faith. I can only hope that's what people see in me too.

As far as your wife's autograph that was thrown away, I have no words for the man that did that (no wait I do, he should be shot lol).

Chase von: You are also a very talented artist Sara. Did you include in your recent book, "When Rainbows Fall" any of your own creations? And will you be doing any "Art Shows" in the future? You know you could combine the two if you wanted to. A book signing and an Art Showing all at the same time. (Smile).

Sara: Chase ! It's like you've been reading my mind with these questions! In “When Rainbows Fall” I wanted to keep it strictly the written word. I have formatted the book to be quite a unique piece of artwork all in itself so I felt there was no need to include my drawings as I did in “Stellar Expressions”. And yes, I WILL be doing an art show in the near future. I won't giveaway all the details but the overall concept is “Art for All Senses”. Stay tuned it may be coming to a city near you :)

Chase von: I know you admire Tupac immensely and your writers name now I believe comes from the movie him and Janet Jackson were in. I also remember when you had or still have another name (I don't know), but a writers name that states your admiration more clearly. (Smile).

Can you expound on why you are so impressed with his legacy of work, as am I, but also on other writers that you also admire as well?

Sara: Yes, my name does come from that movie as well as that I feel I do words a modern day world where we make acronyms for everything and language is simply being crushed by technology.

Why I'm so impressed with his legacy of work? Oh good question! I'd simply re-use the word you used: Legacy. As I mentioned earlier, he was a compound of every element that I find most admirable in a human being but vulnerable enough to allow his words to come to light for all to hear. He just brought a sense of true raw emotion and reality to all of his bodies of work. Honestly, I admire any artist who emits that energy thru their work because realness is what reaches and resonates thru people.

Other individual writers I admire: Maya Angelou (of course!), Augusten Burroughs, Walter Mosley, Alicia Keys, Common. And those I am so proud to say are my closest friends such as Moka Only, Jeff Spec, Narai Dawn, Jena Fair, Omar Khan, Ishkan, Birdapres, Sichuan (I have a large creative circle). Myspace's Rhymesoulnice, Sirhavoc, Deepoet, Brian, and of course YOU!

Chase von: You and singer Jena are friends as well. I remember when I found that out and thought small world! Her song, "Can Anybody Spare Some Change" Or I think the short title is just "Spare Change" still touches me in ways I can't begin to describe. I mention her because I'm wondering, are you going to branch out into lyric writing as well? I've seen some of your short stories, so I already know a novel from you is certainly not out the question either.

Sara: Ah the lovely Jena! Yes, she funnily enough, will be the 1st owner of my second book. Agreed she is truly an AMAZING talent.

Other people have asked me about song writing as well and right now I can say, time will tell. I often don't think I'll ever do certain things, yet I have now crossed them off the list lol. I would like to, I'm not quite knowledgeable in the structured song writing format yet.

Chase von: I haven't heard from Erica Rose for a spell now, (Not that I hear from her often any way) but I do remember her sharing with me that she co wrote "A Woman's Worth" with Alicia Keys and in the credits of Alicia's book, she does in fact give her credit which gives me all the more respect for Alicia. I know also Erica Rose who is a talent in her own right as well, is touring now with Alicia Keys and that they too are great friends.

Considering how talented you and Jena are, I can just see something like that in the future happening with you two, because I know you both are down to earth people also and if you did help write a song for her, she would certainly recognize that publicly as well. But, have you ever experienced any friction in the writing world?  I know I have on occasions and how if so, do you deal with it? 

Sara: I can't say I've experienced any friction in the writing world. Sometimes if I collaborate on a piece with someone, you can butt heads regarding concept or wording but I don't collaborate with anyone that I can't settle that with amicably. After all, its all for the greater good; a creative masterpiece! I don't generally tolerate friction or negativity so perhaps that's why I don't experience it much. I learned a short while ago that I steer my own course, so I veer away from that road altogether.

Chase von: How important is family to you, and what is your take on the state of our current world? And who are some of the people you consider your heroes?

Sara: Oh three questions in one! :) Family is very important to me. I've been blessed to be able to make great friends from all over the world who are now known as my extended family. The only thing that I find more important is creating and maintaining a welcoming 'home' and that is what I think the world needs more of today. I'll leave it up to the readers to decipher that one :)

My heroes? As it says on my Myspace page: those who can change and those who possess the power to make change (when change is needed) AND...Happy people – I look up to those who can look at their life every single day and say 'I couldn't want for anything else'

Chase von: What would you say, if you were standing in front of a microphone and could be heard by every child on the planet and, regardless of what language they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?

Sara: My initial response when I read this question; cry and pray (and I did both of these upon reading the question). My positive advice to give children: never be afraid to be you and live your dreams (because they can come true)

Chase von: Where can our readers find your book "When Rainbows Fall" as well as your first release, "Stellar Expressions?" Can you share your my space and any other web sites where they can learn more about you and your writings, and also see some of your artist creations?

Sara: Currently, you can order “When Rainbows Fall” directly off the Myspace page: www. myspace. com/whenrainbowsfall – the first 10 will be limited edition books with a personal touch courtesy of Moi :) starting in the summer it will be available thru the webpage as well as Lulu. com.
“Stellar Expressions” sold out thru www. myspace. com/stellarexpressions
but is available thru Trafford Publishing (ISBN: 142510872-5)

My personal myspace page - www. myspace. com/thuglifebiatch024 - features excerpts from both books in the blog section and my pictures section features most of my recent artwork

Chase von: And what is the reason you decided to title your latest book "When Rainbows Fall?" I couldn't let you go without asking that. (Smile).

Sara: The title of the second book “When Rainbows Fall” actually derived from a poem I never wrote. I came up with the title based off the idea that everything that falls was risen or rises first, but never wrote a poem to depict this. So I decided I would use that title for the collection.

Chase von: Can you share one of your shorter pieces here?

Sara: No – just kidding :)


A road freshly tarred black
Makes for mysteriously sleek interference
Like the 7:30am alarm call
Leaves an unsightly wound

Hope is your umbrella for this rainy day
A few seconds of delay gives chance for light to create
a vast field of dreams in which you will lay

For now the goal is your target practice

Awarded by your own shine
You will, at some point in time,
stop skating a figure eight
And be so enveloped in the moment
to not notice the change in your fate;

Now, you are simply gliding

Chase von: On behalf of The Student Operated Press and myself Sara, I again thank you for finding the time to do this. It's a fine line I find, when interviewing talented individuals who are also friends. I hope I didn't cross any. I do know that you have been through some really hard experiences in your life and that the strength of your character is displayed in your writings. I hope our readers go the next step and bless themselves by reading your works, particularly women who I think will truly relate to what you are courageously sharing with this world of ours. Going to sign off here like I always do, and wish you continued success in all you do so...

Love and light to you always Buddy:)

Sara: Again thank YOU Chase for the amazing opportunity. No crossing of lines at all, you do an amazing job. Thank you for your kind words and spreading the news about my new book “When Rainbows Fall”. To all readers, I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me and my work thru this interview. To learn more, just visit www. myspace. com/whenrainbowsfall 'Til next time – love & light to all! S~*