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Published:June 6th, 2008 16:48 EST
I'm Still Here

I'm Still Here

By Jennifer Smith

No matter the love I hold for you inside,
Too many times you`ve made me cry.
It`s time for me to pick myself up,
Move on from those moments of mess up.
Life is about living not holding onto the past.
I know this pain and heartache won`t last.
I need time to think, time to breathe.
So these fellings of woe release from me.
I need you out of my head and out of my heart.
It`s time for a brand new start.
To what we had, I bid farewell.
It`s time I put the wind back in my sails.
What was lost is to never return.
The bridges that led me there have now been burned.
To everyone that sees me, I am just a girl.
But in the palm of my hands I now hold the world.
I loved and I cried.
We fought but I tried.
The end is just a new beginning,
To a new song that I`ll be singing.
I am so much more than what you tore apart.
I`ve put the pieces back together of my broken heart.
You are now just faded memories.
A moment in time that`s no longer part of me.
On my own two feet I stall tall.
You may have pushed but I didn`t fall.
I`ll stand high on the mountain tops,
And let the world know my heart hasn`t stopped.
I am still able to love with all that`s in me.
And be everything I set out to be.
Without you here, it makes no difference.
I`ll continue my life with great persistance.
You are nothing more than a moment in my past.
You are nothing more than something that didn`t last.
I am still who I wanted to be.
Without you, I am still me.