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Published:June 7th, 2008 05:05 EST

Beautiful Lines From Beautiful Minds

By Jennifer Smith

Beautiful lines from beautiful minds

Flow together like grapes on a vine that make beautiful wine.

A collaboration of thoughts not taken but brought.

Placed on the table making each verse capable

Of reaching out and grabbing hold.

Reaching forth, deep within your soul.

Taking you to a place unknown.

Letting each word stand out alone.

It`s a beautiful place, like being at home.

The verse like a hostess putting your mind in focus.

Placing it in another place, another time.

Letting your soul feel rhythm and rhyme.

But words unspoken are quite worthless.

Like reading but never having heard this.

Beautiful lines come from beautiful minds.

So channel your mind into beautiful rhymes.

Life`s greatest accomplishments come from persistence.

Be more than just living in a simplistic existence.

Free your heart and there`s so much you`ll see.

You`ll realize the beauty that lies in me.

Open your soul and free your spirit.

Have you taken the time to actually hear this?

Now taste the wine that was created from a beautiful mind

That hangs on every line like grapes on a vine.