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Published:June 13th, 2008 12:18 EST

A Whole New World

By Jennifer Smith

With each stare I get lost deeper in his eyes.
He helps me to see, helps me to realize.
There is a truth behind everything he has to say.
His words, I hear in my heart, as on my pillow I lay.
When the dawn`s early light reaches me,
I`ll know that in his heart he needs me.
I`ll walk by his side through anything,
Because to me he is everything.
I find peace in what I hold inside,
And from him I`d never hide.
If the rain were to suddenly pour from the sky,
I`d stand there lost in his eyes.
On a journey that only he could take me.
Knowing he`d never break me.
If I got wet from heaven`s tears,
He`d hold me close so I`d have nothing to fear.
No matter the day, no matter the hour.
He keeps me stronger than ever.
Standin by me even through the longest of hours.
He tells me that the world is our`s.
With his gentle voice he whispers in my ear,
Everything my heart longs to hear.
He`s my strength when I am weak.
Picks me up to stand on my feet.
He`s every breath I ever want to take.
He`s every emotion that I cannot fake.
He makes me see things that before I`d never seen.
He`s the raw emotions that fill the in between.
Today I see what a man is suppose to be.
And this man has taught me how to truly be happy.
I want to dance every dance with him,
Sing every song with him,
Love every moment without reservation,
Because he has become a true inspiration.
To the world he may just be a man.
To me, this man is the world...
and he`s leading me by the hand.