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Published:June 16th, 2008 12:25 EST
True Happiness

True Happiness

By Jennifer Smith

Stand strong and proud as I do.
People always think they know you.
They have no idea what you bear inside.
There`s truth between all the lies.
I am who I say I am.
I stand as proud as any accomplished woman.
I do not pride myself on ego.
That only leaves a person hollow.
I follow my heart in everything I do.
To thy self, always be true.
I reach my goals with great persistance.
I`ll make sure I go the distance.
I am a woman too strong to be,
Yielded from being me.
I have a heart of gold,
But refuse to be controlled.
I am here, standing on my own two feet,
And never will I claim defeat.
I will always be who I say I am.
I am much more than the average woman.
Take time and get to know me.
I am much more than what you see.
I bear a strong reverence,
That would leave many people breathless.
To myself I will always be true.
Do you know me? I don`t think you do!
This woman here is full of life`s glory.
And no person will ever destroy me.
There may be mountains I have to climb,
I will persever through everything in my lifetime.
Until you get to know me,
You have no reason to judge me.
I will always just be me.
And that`s all I need to truly be happy.