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Published:July 20th, 2008 18:18 EST
Jesus on the cross

~Chase Von, The Last Panther, Is Afraid of God~

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)


~Chase Von, The Last Panther, Is afraid of God~
Our Lord and Savior
I am not afraid of demons any more
I`ve battled them most of my life
And regardless of what your beliefs might be
So have you, if you are still living
I`m not afraid of Satan any more
Because I`ve fought him and lost
And in my final moments
On this thing called earth
I called out and asked
Jesus if I could borrow his armor
And Satan growled like an angry wolf
Slammed violently against the window of the room
I was in
And then fled
I`m not afraid of people
Because the worst they can do
Is injure me or kill me
And we all die any way
And I am not afraid of God
Because I think God is mean, vengeful or evil
I am afraid of God
Because all demons
And many humans infected by them
Are that
And doing everything in their power
To keep me from him
Note the line and
I do not fear death
I do fear being excommunicated
From the one
That gave his very son
So I could be with him
I don`t fear God because of the awesome power God has
I fear God because one of those powers
Is to make it so
I don`t see the face of eternal love
For the rest of my souls existence for all time
Which he holds if he wishes
In the palm of a hand
Can be used for fight or flight
Or fear can be used
To make people do
What is right
As complex as the world is
We all know if we tell a child
If they chase a ball into the street
They will be spanked
And the fear of spanking
Keeps that child
From a greater danger
God is love
The only true fear you need have
Of God
Just as you know
The reason
You instill the fear in a child
Of you more than chasing a ball in a street
Is being without God
You want that child
To be with you
As long as time and life will allow
I also know now
God feels
The very same way
My greatest fear now
Is not death, maiming or destruction
My greatest fear
Is not having God
And I
The Last Panther fear now
But one thing
Not demons
Or humans
Or even Satan
Or death
I fear an eternity
Without love
I will try
As much as is possible with what I have left
Not to let that happen
And it is my heart felt belief
So should you
By Chase von
The Last Panther
All rights reserved