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Published:September 4th, 2008 09:52 EST
The Sun I Admire, The Sun They Belief, The Sun I Respect

The Sun I Admire, The Sun They Belief, The Sun I Respect

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

The sun which I admire
The sun, they belief
The sun, I respect unknowing
It gives me that security which no person had ever done.
Let me feel you, it will be my pleasure to see you though can`t afford the strength to look at you straight. And when ever I try, I become unable to move a step forward, on the contrary my foot steps go backward. Moreover, I feel weak, drunk and all I could see is darkness.
Darkness? Yes
I am guilty; I am a shame of my deeds, whereas you are always having an open hearted relationship with me.
Forgive us,
Forgive me.
So that I waits that day with joy where I will be opportune to meet even those I couldn`t see before I mounted this stage.
Together we all shall laugh as one family, but if I am not able to laugh with the family,
My love! Please let your light still shine my zone, and let my stay be!

The sun, they belief
My ancestors knew God
Yes? They did.
They were so righteous, holy and honest.
Such that as the sun rises or sets, they will move to the edge behind their hut, facing towards the direction of the sun naked.
Naked, indeed! Just like their mind. And they will talk to God crying, smiling.
That was their belief.
Papa, where ever you are?
Pardon us.
I was wrong to say, you were sinners.
Believe us,
I was wrong to condemn your belief.

The sun, we respect and I do too.
In the yester years as I move around, in the open air on sunny days, what did I do?  Unconsciously, I placed my hands over my face trying to protect my bulbs (eyes) from sun rays. Sure you too have faced the same situation?
Many years ago, I thought I was protecting those bulbs from exploding only, little did I realize I was respecting and saluting him.