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Published:October 27th, 2008 11:57 EST
Beyond The Surface

Beyond The Surface

By Jennifer Smith

Do you know what lies behind the eyes that aid us in what we observe?
Its everything, that for a lifetime,  we want to preserve.

To be focused on the surface is to preempt one`s self from the reality of true self.

What lies beneath the surface is beyond the perception from adjacent wall to shelf.

What you see from afar isn`t always what you thought was behind the cover.
What the words depict from within are more than you`ll be expecting to  discover.

To explore the mind and inner soul can guide you on journeys of the untold.
Being engulfed in boundless aspirations and abstracted dreams held deep with hidden folds.

To see creativity flowing like rivers of knowledge that cascade over mountains of articulation.

A river that flows unrestrained by reservation but driven by ambition.
Inside is a world uninhibited by fear or rejection,  But driven by the lavish concepts that drive true self-expectations.

The unpretentious person tends to see things only skin deep and no further.
You must look past the surface to see the true beauty of an ever-changing flower.