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Published:January 3rd, 2009 18:22 EST
Remembering God in Our Youth

Remembering God in Our Youth

By Joey Liam

How can we ever forget
the love God has given us?
The sending of His begotten Son
our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
He suffered for our transgressions
and punished for our wickedness
So that we may be worthy of
the Father`s everlasting grace

In our times of trouble
and constant miseries
God always provides the answers
to all our daily needs
Do we really have to witness
and experience God`s blessing first
Before we surrender our hearts
and succumb to His righteousness?

I challenge you,
lend me your ears
Let us now all have a change of heart
and get rid of our fears
Only through obedience
will God forgive our sins
So let us tarry not
in learning His doctrines

The end is getting near
and the Lord`s coming`s at hand
Put on His righteousness
and leave the past behind
Walk unto perfection,
do good before His eyes
Stop living in denial
and in filthiness and lies

Though I may be young in age
and little in stature
The truth that I have learned
is glorious, that am sure
Therefore I speak to you
With courage and devotion
Remember and serve God
in our young generation