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Published:January 3rd, 2009 10:36 EST
This Morning is Beautiful

This Morning is Beautiful

By Navaraj Kafle


This morning is beautiful as I found

Came after the night with a fresh air around

Violent, dreadful long darkness has passed

Tears from the frightening dream washed

Fears have faded off the darkness 

As the rays of new hope refreshes

Birds chanting with their sweet voice

With new plans people are awake

Everything begin to start for a date

It is time for the promise to be made

I know this is the morning for a new day

And yesterday is not going to repeat today

This morning is beautiful as I found

Came after the night with fresh air around


The New year has started with new morning and it is the time to start new and giving up our bad habits, making new resolutions, and hope for better future. I hope the new morning would be beautiful for everyone and will bring the changes in our life with hope and strength to fight with this bitter reality.We are bound everywhere and there is always limitation, so let`s do now, whatever to be done, and make everyday wonderful. I am sure then the every morning would be beautiful. I wish everybody a very Happy New Year 2009.