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Published:March 9th, 2009 11:00 EST
International Day of a Woman, 2009

International Day of a Woman, 2009

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

International Day of a Woman, 2009

World Women`s Day


Some were sleeping at a corner inside a dark cave, I felt this flare of sun rays beaming on and off my face.

So, I got up wiping my face, I noticed a little cleft,

Peeping through the petite fracture;

gosh! I loved what I saw;

I saw it coming,

I feel it deep inside me

I admired the blazing sun sinking low over the mountain water fall far from the west.

Down low, I saw my lost abandoned relatives chasing out to sleep against the setting sun.

I wish we were together admiring natures free given channel(s),

Which demands for no subscription fee?

Standing alone, thinking otherwise,

Those memories and thoughts kept remaining me of gender,

Gender, I don`t care,

I don`t care about what you think of me

Woman or man

Only their works will speak

They need not plead for a space

Long ago, though they sang,

Gapping mouths open a strong melodious song; "Equity, shall I be free`

Equity, shall I be free

Almost all was seize away

Surely, they were smarter, so, they deceived them,

Yes! Because they were overwhelmed with their present situation

Blindfolding them that they were fragile


Fragile, was the word used,


Then! They thought they were Queens,

Happier when they called them Princesses"


But today, all stories have changed

Every new word has been modified for tomorrows


I don`t care about gender

I don`t know whose is who?

I don`t want to say; he/she

I know people

I know works, only.



Together, lets unite to end violent against women and girls (R.M.Z)


Equity, shall I be free (R.M.Z)


Women and girls speak out, to end violence, together. We shall. (R.M.Z)


Women and men united to end violence against women and girls (UN)


Dedicated to the international day of a woman on Women`s day