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Published:May 29th, 2009 16:37 EST
57 Selections

57 Selections

By SOP newswire2

The order finally arrived, an audio CD,
complete with 57 selections, all on one side.

I put it in the car player, the house too busy,
so off I went for a less tumultuous ride.

First came the music, next an intro,
followed quickly by an author-itative speech.

The volume and other controls,
were easily within my reach.

The poetry I had read on my own
with satisfaction so many times before.

This time the poet spoke to me
before I started reopening each door.

He offered guidance and thoughts,
making interpretations more vivid.

I easily settled in with his original thoughts,
they made stressful driving less livid.

When the compilation was nearly completed
I was overlooking something but I refused to bend.

So, as I started it over, I immediately knew
the something previously missed was the voice of a friend.



Poem inspired by Djelloul Marbrook`s Far from Algiers, Book and Audio CD.