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Published:August 8th, 2009 13:50 EST

Citizen: A Poem

By Basanta kar



People vote, I take oath

vouch to fight

mortality and hunger

fellow citizens swelter

torrid heat, unusual summer

the clay burnt roof charring half naked attire

plants and bushes, birds and butterflies

victim to need, greed and desire.


Night is to sleep

we travel miles to compete

promises to keep -fulfilling hearts

no more brick and mortar.


I address the gathering

my tribe women here and there

savvy officials

the language alien

my husband speaks for me

shadow impression decides

I cannot experience justice.


Poverty, a political process

reigns over

this democracy is not for me

a somber melancholy

I hoist the flag multi colour

pay homage to the father of nation

a guard of honour to protect the truth

I return

vouch to fight next time.

(A thirty five  year old  Baiga tribal woman from Pandaria,, Kawardha, Chhattisgarh,India, newly elected to local governance body .Baiga is a extinctive primitive tribe.)