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Published:August 15th, 2009 18:29 EST
The Words of Others

The Words of Others

By Ed Roberts

After each poem I keep on my poetry site there is a place where poeple can leave a comment on that poem. Every now and then I clean out the feedback section and decide which comments to keep and which to delete. It never is an easy choice. Here I wish to share some of these with you -----

(Each has a date, the title of the poem, then the person`s comment)

The Words of Others

A simple poet
I am
One who chooses to leave
My tears
My hopes
My nightmares
And my dreams
All on a single sheet of paper
For the entire world to see

I leave behind
Hoping another will come along
Read them
Understand them
And maybe
Just maybe
Take them along
Instead of leaving them behind
To fade away with time

Sometimes these people
These special people
Leave behind words of their own
And in those
I find my purpose

A simple poet
I am
One that has been blessed beyond imagination
One given a meaning
And a reason to continue on this path
By the words of others

©Ed Roberts


Now, listen to their words

2009-08-03 23:59:12
19 Days
At the end of this poem, I wish you would let your readers know that I did survive and about the strokes, etc. but all the wonderful things that have happened since. Mom

2009-08-03 22:34:55
Tears of a Soldier
My dearest Ed, I was told by our Chaplin about your site. He said I could find words of comfort here. I have cried for nearly an hour now. We got word last week our son was killed in Afghanistan, they will be sending his body home soon. I know you understand the tears of all of us. I wish there was some way I could take your poem Trying to Understand the Bombing and post it on every building in that country over there. We paid the ultimate price because of a hatred that I feel no one can understand. Those who killed my son never knew him of his family, how sweet of a boy he was, I pray for the day when all of our children will return home. God bless you and your heaven sent work.

2009-07-24 22:22:26
The Phoenix Diane
beautiful. a really hopeful message to those who qualify. My name, by the way, is Dianne. A really nice poem...really, Ed. Your poem speaks to my life in a way. I am in the process of "phoenix-ing" my life now.

2009-07-13 17:50:14
what a really superb write .i have a 19 year old son. and he wants to join the RAF. he said he wants a trade and he is to old to get one in our country. unless he join the military. what an in site into the mind of a soldier. its horrifying but so dynamic the way you write. thanks for the post

2009-07-11 04:55:00
A very powerful and emotional piece here. This is one poem that will stick with me for ever more, every time I see or hear the news of another loved one lost, hurt, maned or worse gone, your words will come back. With a heavy heart.

2009-06-26 17:21:20
5 Single Words
It seems like this might be better in prose than in poetry, but it is a good poem. I like that all through you`re wondering where the five words come in, and it`s certainly inspiring. I like the bit you put in after more than the poem itself, it just sums it really well. "some people say they didn`t have the guts . . . " well said

2009-06-25 09:19:52
Oh my dear God, I really don`t know what to say ... don`t have the right words to express what I feel after reading this `soulful` and profound piece. A MASTERPIECE if ever I saw/read one. Any words I attempt would only, sadly, serve to detract from its gut wrenching impact. Forgive me, my mind feels like `play dough` and my heart bleeds for every marine.
I seem so small and insignificant now in the scheme of things.. whining about things that don`t really matter. I`m so ashamed. WHAT A GUT WRENCHING AND HEARTFELT WRITE!! You should write a book, if you have not already done so. publishes for free!!! I pray you find peace!! God Bless you

2009-06-02 00:49:39
Elmo`s Poem
I truely enjoyed reading this poem. What does it really mean to be, "special?" Are these friends & family memebers behind us or ahead of us in time? In love? In kindness? Are we just slow in picking up their rattled pace? Do we know as much as they know? Or are we just fooling ourselves with small answers?

2009-05-27 20:35:15
Tears of a Soldier
I didn`t have a husband in a war, but a brother that did 3 tours in Viet Nam, So I feel your pain in your waiting. God bless you and yours forever.

2009-05-15 10:14:05
Death of a Child hood
This is a good poem though some parts are a little wordy. I have that problem to sometimes and find myself editing out unneedd words when I edit my poems. This poem brought tears to my eyes. I am sorry for anyone who has to lose someone is such a hard way and at such a young age. Good poem. Keep writing

2009-05-12 22:33:05
Tears of a Soldier
An excellent poem with such emotions too. I know these feelings oh so well from my time spent in Vietnam. Though I was single at the time, I missed my family and friends greatly, and there were many times I felt bad because I hadn`t taken that moment out to jot down a quick letter to those back home. Excellent!
2009-05-12 22:30:59
Tears of a Soldier
this poem so moving one have to have no heart not to cry o pray and thank God for such sacrifice such angels in uniform who give all even for them they don;t know ,, how you wrote this takes one;s breath away the heartfelt words so deep just in awe I hope many will read take a few seconds to bow and pray fo rour soldiers !!May God bless them cover them keep them all safe their families and to the poet author a heaven sent tribute thank you

2009-05-02 00:45:27
Elmo`s Poem
I feel closer to Elmo now and I love your tribute to him...I wish I had the opportunity to learn complex lessons from him...I have a cousin Billy that teaches me all the time...

2009-04-23 18:12:36
The Phoenix Diane
This is a flowing and thought provoking poem. Also very spiritual. The beginning is so sad. Always is when someone is so hopeless.
And I agree with you that no life is worthless. Its always good to know there is a chance for anyone no matter how low they get.
It makes you think also of how faith and someone`s love either earthly ( or heavenly, if you so believe.) can change a persons life Good poem. Keep writing

2009-04-04 15:40:26
The Purpose of You
A unique look at humanity. I would assert that, at times, I feel less than this 1.75 value, but it`s important to remember minuteness of these moments, and that, ultimately, each life is so precious and, truly, priceless

2009-04-04 15:36:48
There was a Man
There are moments that propel our growth, command us to chose between childhood and adulthood. Whichever way, we choose, though, we cannot leave these moments the same. I understand you wrote this poem in hope of prevention (which I believe it is effective as), but I also see it as wonderful expression of such a moment.

2009-04-04 15:29:57
19 Days
The time blurs together until it could have been one day, a thousand days, none at all. It`s here, on the brim of hopelessness or hope that we could fall either way: everyday, every instant seeking a way to hold onto that hope. An interesting perspective from the 19th day...

2009-04-04 15:23:36
Toys in Heaven
Reminds me of the Christmas Shoes song in that it is simultaneously heart breaking and heart warming. There are things we can`t explain or likely except, but there`s a sense of comfort in the eternal. Thank you for sharing

2009-04-02 12:49:15
Toys in Heaven
I was out of words tears falling has i read this touch every depth of my heart and soul..only an angel could relay such a divine message ,, so moved am speachless this is a true master piece from an angel ,,, God bless for sharing this poem breath taking

2009-04-01 15:04:07
I..ll See You Later
you are so much more than a poet Ed, you are a gift from Heaven. We buried my father yesterday, everyone at the service read this poem; our pastor printed out for us. I don`t think you realize how much power your words contain, maybe you do. You said these words helped you and your father, they did so much for us as well. Bless you, you are an angel among men.

2009-03-29 01:03:56
The Bottom
life is a hard row to hoe and if you are a addict it is even harder . my son is a addict since he was 16 he is 39 now so i know it doesnt get any easier once you are hooked and cannot break the habit

2009-03-22 01:19:52
5 Single Words
I had a friend who didn`t come home. He took a sniper bullet instead of having to spend more time in the desert. I have to tell you I thought about it myself. I wish somehow he could have read your poetry Ed. I can`t tell you how glad I am that I did tonight.

2009-03-22 01:12:31
A poem written By the Man who left the Bar
Still reading your poems. This one ripped me apart. When your away from everything you love, your home, your family, it`s hard not to try an escape any way you can. Yeah, I got wasted over there, too many times to count. We all did things most people can`t even imagine. You left me know what it could cost if i can`t get back on track. Thank You

2009-03-22 00:55:54
Tears of a Soldier
I stopped to read this poem first just got back home Thursday from an 18 month tour. I feel you understand what it is that make a soldier cry. you did tonight anyway

2009-02-04 10:52:10
The Bottom
yep but two years clean thank god

2009-01-15 15:07:30
There was a Man
Ed, I bought your new book and found your site here i thought the poems in that book were off the wall powerfull but now my God I decided I needed to try and find all of them You need to understand I have been a religious alcoholic for at least 20 years now This poem brought me to my knees If you can change a bum like me there`s no telling how many others your poems can help Just wanted to say thank you even though it`s not nearly enough

2008-11-03 01:23:08
There was a Man
My mom is a drunk but I can`t get her to stop and one day she get a ticket for drinking and driving and went to jail and she didn`t like it in there. I like your poem.

2008-10-07 16:02:31
Trying to Understand the Bombing
I have shown this poem to many people, hopefully many others will hear your words. I know I risk my own life doing this but it has changed a few men I know of. This alone makes it worthwhile. Please consider coming back to here to Jordan, your presence is greatly needed.

2008-08-10 08:50:50
You Let Him
I completely understand. I`ve been there too.

2008-08-08 21:58:40
Love the message within this write most young man and women Think that its OK to drink because Mom and Dad drink Alcohol is a drug that Slowly kills you I know My first Husband was an alcoholic So yes please stay out of monsters grasp Your poem is an outstanding piece That teens should read!! Excellent write!!

2008-07-27 02:37:05
19 Days
OMG OMG OMG My Father has been in the ICU for a week now, God I can relate to this in soooo many ways!!!!! My pastor told me about your poetry site. I will thank her tomorrow. This is the 5th or 6th poem I have read tonight.
Lost count been crying so much. I am going to send my brother and sister here as well. I am not sure you know how important this is to people in our situation. God Bless you Ed!!!

2008-07-11 23:04:22
The Criminal
I adore the man this poem is about. I wish my dad was like him. My Dad however is just the opposite

2008-06-29 16:04:26
5 Single Words
It`s sad, I`ve attempted suicide quite a few times I`m not really a believer in god, but I guess someone want`s me alive.

2008-06-29 11:38:30
The Phoenix Diane
My dearest Ed I have just watched to movie Jurassic Park then came here to read more of your poetry. In a lot of ways they are very similar. Some of your poems are like a giant T-Rex. They come along, reach down, and bite you in half leaving all of your internal organs exposed. To some this is frightening but I am a poet. I understand the need for the T-Rex. There are far too few of these around anymore, some would tell you they are now extinct. I hope you let your out as much as possible, Ed. Without it to expose our hearts they will harden and die. The world needs more T-Rexes and poets like you.

2008-06-18 16:00:28
The Phoenix Diane
I was givn copy of this poem by a friend you could have written it about me I have the scars on my wrist to prove it your words here gave me something that has been missing in my life HOPE God bless you and you poetry Together you changed a life today!

2008-06-06 21:43:08
5 Single Words
And I sit here in tears after reading this. There are times when things could have been so very different were it not for the voice or the hand of that higher power. When it happened to me it was a situation beyond my own control, but I felt that hand from above takign control exactly when it was needed.

2008-06-06 15:29:44
The Criminal
A friend sent me to this site This hits home in ways I can`t describe My grandmother took me from my parents 5 years ago In doing so she saved my life Ed, you need to find a way to get this poem out to more people in my situation It is not wrong what she did Others need to know God`s Law is more important that man`s L

2008-06-02 15:26:03
Against the Wall
In my country people face many walls I have taught your poetry for four years now It has helped so many here in India Last year you promised us a new book I have not been able to find any reference to it I lost you email address but found your site please post when this book will be available

2008-04-29 17:45:52
The Criminal
i have a friend who has a son by a women and she is just like the one in your poem. my friend has paid child support for 9 years and does not get to see or talk to his son. what pictures he has of the boy he stole off of the womans myspace page. she has since blocked him from her page. the child support enforcement office says he has to pay the support or go to jail and it doesnt matter whether he gets to see his son or not. its not fair. i love your poem and i will show it to my friend. in the end he may choose to do the same thing. or give the woman the 10,000 dollars the woman asked him for in exchange for his son.
2008-02-19 21:51:29
You, in so many ways
I have been reading your poetry here for awhile now. It is so private, so personal. it`s like walking into someone`s room and they are lying there uncovered, naked upon the sheets. You don`t know whether to cover them, wake them, or stand by and admire thier sheer beauty. i have stood here for some time but must leave before I wake you with my tears. you are a blessing to us all, Ed I hope you know that

2008-02-18 21:49:45
The Bottom
Ed, you made me see something a lot of people in my life tried to make me see: myself. God, i don`t know how i became this person but you made me realize to survive i need to change. I really might owe you my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-02-13 15:17:18
You Let Him
The only way to stop abuse is to get out of it! If they hit once, you can be sure they will hit again but abuse doesn`t necessarily mean hitting. There is also verbal abuse.
You can put the abuser in jail but often, when they get out, the abuse will be even worse. The first thing to do is to leave and if the abuser still bothers you, take him through the courts. Been there, done that!

2008-02-13 15:07:09
5 Single Words
This poem touched me. My Father committed suicide. He was suffering from emphysema and due to go back into the hospital. He vowed to never go back so some time during the early morning hours, he put the gun to his temple and pulled the trigger. He left no note but we all knew that he had suffered more than he could handle. Of course, I wish he had not done this but at the same time, I understand because he was in such terrible pain and there was nothing more that could be done for him. It was just a very sad situation.

2008-01-12 22:36:14
Toys in Heaven
This poem brought tears to my eyes. I also wanted to thank you for your prayers and kind words about my mom. She is in heaven now. We lost her on Januaruy third 2008. This was a beautiful write!

2007-12-19 12:16:16
The Bottom
i thought i had hit bottom you let me know i haven`t yet Ed, i don`t know how you wrote the poem i needed to read right now, we`ve never met you did and i`m printing a copy to hang next to the mirror in my bedroom you made me realize i need help while i still got a house and a job don`t know how to thank you for this

2007-12-19 03:17:46
The Purpose of You
Awww, this was just what I needed to read, for some strange reason I found your site this morning and needed to read this poem. Thanks for writing this, it will give me a lot to think about today, One of your new friends

2007-12-02 14:54:26
WOW WOW WOW This is the most inspirational piece i have read and i think you have really helped me No you have My goodness I feel like i known you all my life Amazing Its like a special feeling i have reading this poem its like you connected with me the reader and told me this story/poem Like it had a song inside and a melody with harmony through the words that flowed and were very emotional and gave out great advice. I love this poem. With your permission can i show it to my friends and family.

2007-11-09 23:32:18
The Criminal
Such a very sad poem to read. The system is not fair, especially when it comes to things such as this. Even with social services becoming involved, it is hard for a Father to win custody of his child. I don`t think it is a fair system at all but what can we do about it? I know of instances like the one you have written about and even with many witnesses against the Mother, the judge still awarded custody to her. I do hope and pray that he is not found. It is such a crime to do what he has done but I can`t say that I blame him at all. I would have done the same thing had I been him.

Several people ask me why I choose to write poetry.

My answer, I do it for them.