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Published:September 17th, 2009 14:16 EST

Pills - Overdosed By Prescription. A Poem Written By Audrey Michelle

By Audrey Michelle


Alone and laid to rest is just a saying
As rest is never quite achieved
And loneliness is impossible when doubts chatter constantly

She wonders if she took her pills today
Then remembers  that in her encapsulated state
Medication is no longer prescribed
And pharmacies aren`t open this far underground

The Doctors wished her well or so she thought
As she waved goodbye and walked out of their offices
Holding signed papers that promised mental stability
While delivering only a sense of such an achievement

The final straw was sucked too dry
To chase the gifts the papers offered

The bottles laid empty upon the floor
Next to a body that only seemed to have stopped breathing

They found her too many days later
Photos, ids and boxes of memories surrounded
Yet it seemed no one could identify her remains

She lays buried amongst soldiers killed in battle
Underneath a tombstone that simply says "unknown "
And wonders if she took her pills yet today