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Published:September 29th, 2009 19:42 EST
Ignoring Your Soul

Ignoring Your Soul

By Roya Rohani Rad, MA, PsyD

If you keep on ignoring your soul

Who  will be hurting?

If you keep living in and with the shallow

Who  will suffer?

If you keep living with the phony

Who will be bewildered?

If you keep overlooking your deepness

Who will feel abandoned?

If you walk with the faux

Who will be reduced to rubble?

If you close the eyes to your heart

Who  will die of emptiness ?

If you are indifferent to your essence

Who will be spaced out?


Take care of what you must and let go of the hoax

Fly, fly, my dear, fly to your destination with no extra belongings With focus and determination

Touch your soul, your real meaning, your true nature

That is the only thing worth living for

The rest is just games

Games for us to play and learn

Feel the sorrow, feel the pain, be aware of the pain of being detached

Only with that, can you find a source of re connection


Enough of ignorance and denial

Pay attention to the truth

Remove the surface and look into the deep

Only then you will see the reality

Only then you will be more aware

Only then you will not be manipulated

Only then you will be able to be yourself and feel liberated

Lets all aim for that

Poem by Roya Rohani Rad