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Published:December 2nd, 2009 18:30 EST
Man With The Golden Wings

Man With The Golden Wings

By Vernon Davis

It is Christmas Eve
and the snow is falling
on a lonely little house
in the countryside.

Come..., let us go inside and listen.

In this house, a little girl lies asleep
in her bed.
But sleep she doesn`t stay, for she`s
awaken by a bright light instead.
The light comes through her bedroom
window with warming colors.
And when she looks out her window,
she sees a man with wings on his back.
Golden Wings at that.

"Mama! Mama! Come look,come see!"
The little girl runs out her room as she cries.
"I just saw a man with Golden Wings outside.
He`s tall and handsome, with a great big smile.
And his arms are full of nice shiny things.
Mama, who do you think this man is with
Golden Wings?"

Slowly her mother looks up from her rocking chair.
She is still young with fair eyes,but now has greyhair.
"Hush girl," She barely speaks in a soft whisper.
"Don`t come runnin in here tellin me no boldface lies.
Your mama ain`t feeling well, and there ain`t
no man with Golden Wings outside.

I`se know you`se excited cause Christmas is coming.
But, ain`t no lying gonna make dawn come a runnin."

"But, but mama, I ain`t lyin! I did see this man outside.
He, he, had a halo on his head too, to go with his big smile.
His Wings moved slowly to keep the snow off them,
and he wanted to say something to me.
But, I ran in here so I could get you to see
this man with Golden Wings."

"Honey,...listen, your eyes can play tricks on you.
And the snow can make you see things too.
I remember when I was excited for Christmas
at your age.
I saw a giant lion with a great big white beard.
Hmp, it was nothing but a dream, but, I sure
was scared."

The little girl hangs her head and quietly says
"Mama, I`m sorry."
"Baby, that`s all right."

"But, listen child, I know we haven`t
had much in our way of living.
And hardly anyone,nowadays, has been
in the Spirit for giving.
But you know I`se tried to make things right
for both of us, since your daddy died.
So, for your daddy, we both have to survive."

"Tell me more about daddy, what was he like?"

"Your daddy was a God-fearing man, who died
before you was born.
And he died seven years ago on Christmas morn.
He was on his way home with presents in his arms,
when he was lost in the snow.
And he never knew he would have a daughter,
He never knew he would be a father."

"Was he a nice man?"
"Of course he was."

"But enough of this, go on back to bed
and get some rest.
And when you get up, I`ll have you a good
hot breakfast."
The little girl gives her mother a hug and whispers
"Merry Christmas Mama" and slowly turns
"Merry Christmas to you too, sweetheart,"
her mother replies while watching her daugther`s
silent stroll
as she suddenly feels the overwhelming
emptiness of her own lonely soul.

Quietly she rises from her rocking chair,
walking to her own room with much pain to bear.
She climbs into bed, wiping away her tears,
and glancing out her window, she feels a slight
And when sleep descends on her eyelids, she
asks GOD, "Does anyone really care?"




"Mama! Mama! Wake-up, Wake-up! he really was
The little girl`s voice rings in her mother`s ear.
"Come look, come look, come see for yourself,"
she says while pulling and dragging her mother out
of bed to see what Christmas day had bred.

By the bedroom window laid many pretty gifts
nestled comfortably in a glittering snow drift.
Toys and clothes all neatly arrayed
placed carefully with Love and Harmony
by the Man with the Golden Wings.
But the most surprising gift of all
that the mother only saw...
was her husband`s wedding ring.

She slowly bends down and picks it up
while her daughter asks
"Mama, was He an Angel?"

"Yes Dear," her Mother replies.
"And much more. He was your Daddy,
come home."

It is Christmas Day
and the snow has stopped falling.
And the lonely little house
in the countryside, for today,
isn`t so lonely.

Vernon J. Davis Jr. (c)copyright 1977, 2001 & 2006.

From my upcoming book--"THE EMOSEWA WOMAN"