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Published:January 27th, 2010 19:32 EST
What Can I Do

What Can I Do

By Ed Roberts

What Can I Do


Sitting at home

Overwhelmed by what is happening

Around the world

Around here


One often stops to ask


What can I do


What can I do

I could eat a can of soup tonight

Take the money I would have spent

Either stopping at the drive-thru window

Or eating out

And donate that money

To a food bank



What can I do

I could take an extra bag

When I go to buy groceries this weekend

Fill it

And take it there as well


What can I do

I could finally clean out my closet

Take all the clothes and shoes I haven`t worn

In the last few months

Or years

Put them in a bag

And take them to a shelter

Give them to others

Who will wear them

Or sell them

To get what they need


What can I do

Instead of sitting in front of my television

For hours upon hours this weekend

I could volunteer my time

To help at a Veterans Center

A hospital

Help build someone in need a home

There are so many things that I could be doing

With my time



We all find ourselves

Feeling overwhelmed

By what is happening around the world

Around us

And often feel powerless


Maybe even a bit useless

Still each of us can make a difference

In our own special way


What can I do

Maybe try and catch a few words

To leave on this page before you

And when I finish

Get out of this chair

And start doing a little more

Than just asking


What can I do




One of the worst lies one can tell themself is that they are powerless to affect the world around them

Each day we are given is both a blessing and an opportunity to bring about change