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Published:March 2nd, 2010 15:19 EST
Last Panther

The Last Panther

By Ed Roberts

The Last Panther


The Last Panther

He stands

Teeth flashing

Muscles tensed

Claws at the ready


Behind him

Are the defenseless

The broken

The injured

Some who can not stand at all


In front of him

Are the users

The powerful

The ones who crave more

And care not at what cost it comes


With his words of power

His roar

He shatters the silence

Warns them

Reminds them

That through him

They will have to pass

And even if they are able

It will come with a great price


He is the last panther

The shaper of words and minds

The sentinel

And for many

The last hope

For if he falls

In the end

So do we all


Ed Roberts 2/10/10

(For my brother and publisher Chase von)



See a link to his book below -