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Published:April 3rd, 2010 11:36 EST

Poem: Crashing hard

By John Danz, Jr.


Crashing hard
You said you loved him

brooke Falling flat
You said you need him

Chasing these lies with broken legs
Don`t tell me it`s for the thrill
When I know you`re in for the kill

I bet you feel just fine
Shoot up and lock the lips cold
Or take it one more step
Bite down and find a hand to hold

The same hand that throws
Your body and mind to the wall
Black holes encompassing you
It takes a patient fool to fall

I bet you feel just fine

Dimming lights
It`s not just an outage

Racing pulse
It`s not just adrenaline

One step closer to your final fix
Don`t tell me it`s just for fun
When your mind is telling you to run

Another temple soon falls
Not even God can save you now
You`re on your busted knees
Too bruised and hurt to even bow

We know what happens next
A shame you`ll never find out
He fed your fixes and fears
The needle never seems to shout

But you need a voice
To justify your choice
We`ve gathered today
At rest you now lay

In Loving Memory: Brooke Nicole Johnson

Born: March 12, 1992
Died: March 30, 2010

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