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Published:April 15th, 2010 11:16 EST
A Point One Will See

A Point One Will See

By S. D.



it`s no myth -

even diamonds fall to pieces

and merely because they choose to

a point

that comes when each atom hates another

and they break apart

each goes its own way

becomes quite independent

and though the mightily fragile world of diamond still wishes unity

one will

of atom and atom and atom still - forbids it

perhaps graphite is formed then

a nation unto itself

yet that is spineless, flexible, not like a diamond

and will fall so much more effortlessly

see War

yes, that is the answer

an attack, a battle, a fight against oneself, carbon against carbon

and in so doing

carbon destroys itself

no, it`s no myth

even diamonds fall to pieces

but sometimes they stay together

a point one will see Peace