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Published:May 16th, 2010 10:15 EST
Jagger's Heartache

Jagger's Heartache

By John Danz, Jr.

I reached for her seemingly beyond the sun
The flame scorched my back and I let her run
A troubled time is another man all alone
The knife in my back is cutting to the bone

What lies behind me has become a sheath
For only the knife has seen what lies beneath
What lies ahead is something I can`t touch
A palpable attraction still comes as such

I called off the search until I found you
Alas, the distance is again nothing new
For those who ameliorate have passed by
If only I could borrow her wings and fly

I`d leave behind this plight of loneliness
And send a distinct signal of distress
And when they react I`ll have taken flight
I`d only land when you enter my sight

The trials of love
The masses stand
Those who endure
Receive their heart

I`ll push and shove
With broken hands
I can`t be sure
But this is a start

Through the crowd
I`ll discover you
I`ll cover the miles
I`ll fight for days

And for once proud
With hope anew
We`ll dismiss the trials
And we`ll fly away