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Published:June 7th, 2010 22:46 EST
Afternoon Wind

Afternoon Wind

By Angela Kocsis

Its in the wind those

Whispers I am messenger

I speak light lightly

I am in his zone

Where elevated laughter

Sets the undertone

Of individual life form.


Gone are the headlights

Stuck gazed wild creature

Into the bliss I walk

Geometric dimension

Soul life & love life.


Newness really isn`t

Born into this perfection

I am created in this from birth

It`s an ease, " he said,

A walk, a step,

A way about your temperament. "


Pressed lips in the quiets

Of room`s dimmed lights

Hungrily ate my tongue

You were rough tightness

On thighs I couldn`t resist

Your eagerness


Talk of other kind, life forms,

Star seeds and such

You remembered the past

Live/s like it was tomorrow,

and I fell silent inside words.

I`m always quiet there.


We parted ways simply

I remained in the moment,

Just being, no urgency,

Or awareness of time.

It was as it was "


There`s a stillness that has

Come over me here

Drawing energy likewise

Like minds, like smiles,

Like raindrops on my face.