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Published:June 21st, 2010 21:09 EST
Texas Tea Tsunami

Texas Tea Tsunami

By Dawn Huffaker

Texas Tea Tsunami

Rig on the ocean
Drilling a new oil well.
Almost done-
Need to finish it off.

In the dark of an April night,
Powerful explosion
Wounds the mighty beast-
Chaos ensues everywhere.

Workers scared.
Workers scattering.
Workers wounded.
Workers dead.

Deepwater Horizon rig
Has suffered
A mortal wound.
Oil gushes everywhere.

Fires devour rig.
Workers in lifeboats.
Workers in water.
Rig below waves.

Texas Tea (oil)
Is all that is left.
From one mile down,
It rises to the top.

Waves and wind
Steer it towards the coast
All along the Gulf-
Another disaster brews.

Well can`t be capped.
Oil rushes out and up.
Sixty days and counting,
When will it stop?

Ocean being poisoned.
Sea animals being killed.
Plant life being suffocated.
Ecosystem being destroyed.

Black ooze now on shore-
Texas Tea Tsunami strikes!
Animals and birds poisoned.
Trees and plants dying.

Beaches tainted-
God knows for how long.
Clean up almost impossible-
Oil keeps returning.

People harmed
Businesses closed.
Livelihoods gone.
God help them.

Day by day,
Gallon by gallon,
This tsunami disaster unfolds
With lessons for all.

2010 © Dawn L. Huffaker
All rights reserved.