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Published:July 29th, 2010 22:21 EST
25th March 1971-Dacca, East Pakistan

25th March 1971-Dacca, East Pakistan

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

25th March 1971-Dacca, East Pakistan




Entering in the depth of night,

Asa  tells her mother,

I have done my school homework, Mom

Let`s go to sleep,

Mother says, ok baby go to bed.

Good night Mom, Asa says,



Suddenly a bomb exploited before the house,

Asa be afraid,

Mom! Mom!

What happened?

Pakistani Soldiers attacked the people, Mother says,

They are killing the people,

Why Mom? Asa asks,

To deny our rights and existence.



Sheikh Mojubur Rahman won the Election,

Legally he is the Prime Minister of Pakistan

But West Pakistan denies it to accept,

Why Mom? Asa asks

To continue repression on East Pakistan, Mother says.



Another bomb exploited adjacent of house,

Asa be frightened,

The people are shouting and crying,

But where is the shelter, they don`t know?



Suddenly some bullets attacked Asa`s house,

The house be shacked,

An aggressive bullet pierced the forehead of Asa`s mother,

Asa`s mother dropped on the floor and be died.




Asa cries, Mom, Mom,

But Mother does not respond,

Mother has gone for forever,

She can not be returned.



Passing the night with the tears of eyes,

Asa opens the door at the morning,

Everywhere is dead body and the touch of bombardment.

Asa cries but everywhere is the touch of blood.



Asa understands,

West Pakistan will destroy them,

By devastating the rights and existence,

Of the people of East Pakistan.



Now she apprehends,

The necessity of independence

Which is solely required?

To save the mother of others.



Asa goes outside,

Keeping the dead body of her mother,

She urges and inspired the people,

To fight against West Pakistan,

She stoutly urges,

To have a secured country,

To discover an independent Bangladesh.