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Published:July 25th, 2010 21:57 EST
Be Happy In Life

Be Happy In Life

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

                                                            Be Happy In Life                                                  



Crossing the bloody way,

When I came to you,

You sight was indifferent,

Perhaps, your mind denies me.



Staying with your husband,

Be happy in life,

I always want your happiness,

With a great expectation and fascination.




I know that you will forget me,

Getting the love of your husband,

Your life will be fulfilled,

Getting happiness and sensation.




I will never come to you,

Showing the demand of my love,

This is priceless by the bombardment of your parents.




I understand you do not cry for me,

Why won`t you cry?

You have got everything,

Be happy with your husband.



Love is a painful thing,

When girlfriend is lost,

Perhaps it is simple for you,

Having a good husband.



When I read the book In The Line of Fire "

I understood the pain of missing girlfriend,

Which was described by the author?

With a sorrowful expression and explanation.





However sweetheart,

Be happy in life,

Do not be worried about me,

God will forward my life,

With a great care and happiness.




I am a flying person,

Who do not see anything of future?

God always directs me,

With his great care and kindness.




I am going forward,

To establish the peace and happiness in the world

This is the motto,

This is the goal of my life.



Your memory is always painful,

But I sacrifice it,

For the people, for the mankind,



God is the great driver of my life,

Who saved me from many deadly accidents?

Why will I not be thankful to God?

Could you tell me sweetheart?

I know that you do not know,

But I love my God as the creator and driver of my life.


Be happy in life,

This is my prayer and expectation,

Love your husband,

With a great care and sensation.