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Published:August 12th, 2010 11:00 EST
Last World War (Future Devastation)

Last World War (Future Devastation)

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Suddenly an atomic bomb is exploited on Pacific Ocean,

The ocean be shaken,

A US warship is fully destroyed,

Thousand of marine soldiers are killed at spot.


This sensitive information comes to US- Pentagon

Pentagon turns their satellites on the ocean,

Oh no! A virus has been detected in the system,

Which endangered the overall computer system?

Pentagon-officials be afraid and think what to do?


Suddenly an urgent phone comes to Pentagon,

US-President has called an urgent meeting,

All top officials have to go White House,

To discuss the overall incidents.


During the discussion US-President reviews the matter,

He directly accuses Russia, China, Germany and North Korea,

Considering their powers and nature,

All top officials support US-President,

US-President declares war as the Supreme Commander of military.


South Korean Missiles attack North Korea,

Maintaining the order of USA

Pyongyang is seriously destroyed,

The roads are wet by the blood of North Koreans.


Suddenly US-atomic missiles hit Russia,

The Moscow city be devastated,

Everywhere is the dead body,

The city can be compared with hell


Some China`s Missiles are disappeared in the sky,

Where are they going?

Before understanding by the US,

China`s anti-satellite missiles hit US-military satellites,

US-GPS system is fully destroyed and their power be minimized.


Japan`s missiles attack China,

A part of Beijing city is devastated,

China`s military headquarter is fully destroyed,

Everywhere the touch destruction is found.


Israel takes preparation to attack Germany,

To take the revenge of killings of Jews by Hitler,

Israel`s Mosad exploded a Hydrogen Bomb in Berlin,

Berlin City is completely destroyed.


The world community understands,

There is no alternative of involving in war,

The world is divided in to two blocks,

USA, Pakistan, Georgia, Australia, Japan, Israel are one block,

The rest of the world is the other block.


Now the war is started,

This is not the war of USA,

This is the war of the people,

This is also the war of justice or injustice,


Pakistan throws missiles to India and Bangladesh,

But Indian anti-missiles foil Pakistan`s attack,

Bangladesh and India jointly attack Pakistan,

To establish peace in South Asia.

USA capriciously throws their atomic bombs,

Which keeps the touch of devastation everywhere?

Suddenly the atomic explosion is held in every states of USA,

These are thrown by China and Russia.


Israel exploded their atomic bomb in Russia,

This creates a serious devastation,

Suddenly some China`s atomic missiles attack Israel,

Israel is fully devastated and be disappeared from the World Map.


Now every country becomes crazy,

They start to use their power to their antagonist one,

Everywhere is the explosion of atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and others,

The world is fully destroyed,

The aliens become the eye-witness of the devastation of our planet.


The war is a worst thing,

This always gives us devastation.

Can`t we keep a safe world for our future generation?

Who can breathe and live in the world with peace and security.



Written By

Md. Mahmudul Hasan