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Published:August 17th, 2010 16:37 EST
Fighting With the Monster in Chittagong (Bangladesh)

Fighting With the Monster in Chittagong (Bangladesh)

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fighting With the Monster in Chittagong (Bangladesh)





Suddenly a monster has appeared in Chittagong Division,

With a sparking sound,

Always it is freighting the people,

Everyday it kills a person and bath by victim`s blood.




The effect of this killing,

Pierced hole over the country,

Prime Minister gives the responsibility,

To the hand of military.




Military intelligences go the spot,

To investigate overall the matter,

Suddenly they the discover information,

The basic food of the monster,

Always comes from a state of South Asia.




The intelligences become astonished,

Reviewing the overall matter,

Why a South Asian Country?

Fostering the monster to kill the people of Chittagong divisional area.




Now the military forces are adamant,

To kill the monster of Chittagong area,

This is a national duty,
Whatever the criticism comes from different arena.




Military personals urge the people of Chittagong division,

To fight against monster of this area,

The people be inspired and participated,

To ruin the monster and to save the area.


Now the war is began,

This is not merely the killing of the monster,

This is also the challenge,

To keep the national sovereignty on this area.




Military and civilians jointly attack,

To destroy the existence of monster,

But is throws the fire from the mouth,

Which kills a lot of  people of that area?




Suddenly the ballistic missile attack the monster,

A part of the body of monster be destroyed,

But it capriciously throws the fire from mouth,

Which burnt the large places of Chittagong Divisional area.




Now the military personals started firing,

The total body of monster be pierced,

The monster dropped on the soil and be died.

The soil of Chittagong Division is freed from the curse.




Bangladesh is a peaceful country,

Who is always dedicated for the people?

In case of antagonist conspiracy,

This country will never be silent to foil it.





Written By

Md. Mahmudul Hasan

LL.B (Hons)