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Published:October 20th, 2005 17:41 EST
Ukraine Looks To Be More Democratic

Ukraine Looks To Be More Democratic

By Ann Poludenko

Ukraine has already made two steps toward the “democratic world”!

New times demand new professionals – new quality, in everything.

The first thing that forms democracy is the ruling voice of "the people"-- those being governed. People that are well informed about the actions of the parliament, government and the inside life of their own country, and know much more about what happens behind their backs than the international agencies do – this is what it means to live in democratic country. But to want to change something for the better means to know for sure what is wrong.

Events of October 20 will take a very important place in the history of Ukrainian democracy. A memorandum was sighed between the National TV-company of Ukraine and organization “Inter-news Ukraine”. According to this document, from today, steps on three main paths will be taken daily: reforming of the journalistic education, making standards of the information journalism stronger and to make “real society channels”.

From today, there will be much less information with the label “not for press” (that means not for ‘ordinary people”), and 90% of the security sector will be opened to be observed and talked over, that will help people to understand what national security involves. “A journalist speaks for the society he is a part of, and getting such rights he must deeply realize his responsibility. Nobody says that’ll be easy, but a dignified country needs dignified journalism!”, commented the representatives of BBC Tony Horsen.

To provide information of vital importance requires great efforts. But above all, it is the field for forming an intelligent and informed nation, one that is aware of what's happening in the world. Journalists should not be afraid to ask bold questions, and politicians should be willing to answer all the ten questions that have been asked by journalists (and not five out of ten, as that was before).

Ukraine must start getting out of its glass box, and become more a part of the world.