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Published:December 14th, 2005 15:38 EST
So What Is Your Answer?

So What Is Your Answer?

By Rich James (Marketing)

Good day, my fellow Americans and World citizens. The last time I wrote I ranted on about several different things.  Now it is time to get down to brass tacks.  Therefore, let us begin by first discussing Social Security, as well as what it could mean to us.  I am a 41 year old, single male that is getting close to retirement.  Recently, while sitting at the park, I asked myself, “Am I going to be able to do this and if so, will there be any Social Security benefits available to me and everyone else, as well?”.

Personally, if I had the opportunity, I would like to present these questions to the Democratic and Republican leadership. 

First question – Is Social Security an issue that really needs to be fixed; is it broken?

Second question – If social security is broken, how can we fix it?

The Republicans answer to my first question is that Social Security needs to be overhauled so we do not have to worry later on down the road.  The Democrats say there is nothing to worry with the current system, until the year 2042.  Okay, that is good to hear, but what happens later on down the road.  You know, in 2042?

Okay, now my next set of questions deals with fixing the problem.  Again, I will ask the Republicans for their ideas, the Republicans say to change the system so that a percentage, a small portion of your money, can be voluntarily placed in a stock market account, IRA, 401k or mutual funds, and the rest in an account that draws a nice savings account with maybe 4 or 5 percent interest. 

Wow!  If I could have started this when I was just starting to work at the age of 16, by now I could retire when I am in my 50’s.  Now remember, this is a strictly a volunteer thing.  That is putting a small percentage into the stock market.  Now the Democrats answer to my question with a big fat silence.  I have not heard any ideas from them except that there is nothing wrong with the system.  However, in the year 2025 they may need to adjust social security.  But if we change it now millions of retired citizens will lose their money and all of their benefits.  So what happens when I turn 67 and I am ready to retire?  This happens to be around 2025. 

So I ask you, the citizens of the United States of America, what do you want to do about this future crisis?  Do we sit around and wait or do we help make the changes that need be done or wait to see what our illustrious Government officials will do.  I for one do not want to wait and see.  If the Social Security system is broken, why not fix it now so I and the rest of my fellow Americans will not suffer and lose all the money that we have paid into Social Security because it was flushed down the toilet? 

Now, as I sit here writing this article, Monty Python’s Flying Circus is on BBC America and I have noticed that it is hard to get mad and frustrated with them playing in the background doing what the Pythons does so well.  They also kind of place everything into perspective with a line they use quite a bit, “and now for something completely different”.  Maybe the United States Government should take some advice from them and try something different.  If not, then I would hate to think what the alternative might be. 

Therefore, it is up to you to do your duty and contact your local, State and Federal representatives-- Democratic, Republican, or Independent--and ask them to drop the scare tactics and put their heads together to solve our current Social Security crisis.