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Published:January 11th, 2006 15:01 EST
Public Hearings for Domestic Eavesdropping

Public Hearings for Domestic Eavesdropping

By Joey O'Donnell

Today President Bush said that congressional hearings to investigate domestic eavesdropping program would be good for democracy as long as no secrets are given away to the enemy.

President Bush initially opposed to having the hearings public, though has resigned to making the hearings public that are scheduled to begin in upcoming weeks.

President Bush’s decision to authorize unwarranted wire-tapping of American citizens has brought up many questions about the legal justifications of the program.

In a town hall meeting with the President Bush, he defended the program by saying that he understands concerns about the program, but monitoring the phone calls of affiliates of the terrorist network al-Qaida is necessary to protect the United States.  He also said that he made sure he had legal authority to allow the program before he did secretly authorize it.
President Bush still has many questions to answer for the Judiciary Senate Committee, and plans to have additional hearings set as well, that will be closed to the public.