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Published:March 31st, 2006 16:09 EST

One Man's Private War

By R.J. Smith

“Why do they always send the poor?”  System of A Down

In every conflict that is started by politicians and religious leaders, there are men and women who have to fight it.  These men and women are not the ones who initiated the conflict, but they will be the ones to suffer and bleed until it is over.  This is how war has worked throughout history.  The latest is no exception. 

Often, we forget that the soldiers who we have in the Middle East are no different from ourselves.  They are writers, computer programmers, and mechanics.  They grew up just as we did, and have the same morals and beliefs.  Often, as the quote at the beginning of this article questions, the lower classes contribute the most to the military.  However, regardless of class, they are all still people just like us. 

We should support them in every way possible, because they are our people.  We should hope that every mission they undertake is successful.  Also, very much in conflict with the latter, we should not support the campaign they have been sent on, no matter how hypocritical it may sound. 

Another contradictory statement in this situation that is true, as well, is the fact that the blood of this war does not lie on the hands of the soldiers who spill it.  It lies in the hearts and minds of those who sent them on this ill-advised adventure.  It is they who will be the ones to burn in whatever hell people will make up for themselves after they die.

The government has now said that our soldiers cannot even purchase their own body armor.  They have to use that which is provided by the Army, no matter how inferior it may be.  You see, it is not only us who is screwed over by our government; our countries finest get reamed as well.

It is far past time that we, as a society, take a more active role on such issues.  It could have just as easily been one of us over there getting killed and one of our fallen soldiers could have been sitting at home staring at the computer screen reading these words.  The next time you get angry because you don’t make it through a full sitting of Halo on the Xbox, remember the people who are across the ocean doing it for real. 

Support our troops.  Impeach Bush.