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Published:June 23rd, 2006 05:10 EST
SOP Writer, Natassia Donohue Speaks Out - American Dollars to Educate Saudis

SOP Writer, Natassia Donohue Speaks Out - American Dollars to Educate Saudis

By Natassia Donohue

It appears that for now U.S. President George W. Bush has approved programs designed to continue and establish further scholarships for Saudi Arabians to attend flight school in the United States.

CBS News at 11 reported on Thursday night, June 22, 2006, the controversy over said scholarships, while reporting on the Administration`s new access to international bank accounts. According to the news cast, the Administration has been monitoring the financial activities of thousands of Americans, under a secret program started months ago. Official comment on the program was that it "it is perfectly legal".

Therefore, the Saudi`s get a free ride through aviation school, while the rest of us working American`s are expected to contribute at least a quarter of our earnings towards higher education-regardless of what our actual earnings are.

It is OUTRAGEOUS that the government could allow such travesties to occur against its own American people. Not only is he sacrificing American citizen`s dollars for the Saudi`s, but he is handing over tools to the alleged terrorists themselves. Instead of funding American students, he is handing out money for people who have never contributed anything to the American society. As a matter of fact, the Saudi`s are the `enablers` of our oil addiction, and keep George W. and Co. on a tight leash when it comes to the resource and its finances.

To hear of this broadcast on national television, preceding a report on the invasion of American`s financial privacy that is supposed to combat terrorism, is disgusting. It completely regresses the processes we have made to make terrorist`s target resources difficult to obtain, if available at all.  What makes the government think that it can adequately prevent terrorists from obtaining and using these scholarships, when it could not detect or prevent the hijackers of September 11th- of which they had prior and very credible threats for?

Furthermore, it is the American students that have been severely injustice by terrorists this time.  While the actions may not be bloody and traumatic, they still have a profound effect. True-blooded Americans are being deprived of their natural born right to opportunity. The government is again failing its own people, and this time there is no excuse.

It is time that we, as students and as citizens, stand up for the rights laid out for us in the Constitution. It is time that we DEMAND the Administration do something to help the American people- because what they are doing now certainly is of no benefit to us. If the lives lost weren`t enough, maybe our greed ridden country will see money as reason to revolt.

Write your Congressperson, write to the Department of Education, write to the President himself, and let him now how severely injustice you feel. Tell everyone you know to do the same and no matter what-Do Not Be Afraid. It is our right to stand up and speak for what we believe in. It is our right as American citizens to voice our concerns for the safety, well being, and insurance of an existence of our country. Fly your American flags high, and exercise your First Amendment rights.
Who knows how much longer they will be around.

     *Look for an article within the next week on who to contact, and how. I look forward to assisting the true Patriots and Middle Americans everywhere, in the quest to seize their country back.*