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Published:September 18th, 2006 03:12 EST
Dick Cheney - Dancing with the stars.

Dick Cheney - Dancing with the stars.

By Will Roberts

All I know is what little I hear on the internet- now a days you can download anything. On my flight from San Francisco to Arena, I listen to Meet the Press

This week's guest was Vice president Dick Cheney. The subject: the war! At one point I had to adjust the dial because it was starting to remind me of ABC's dancing with the stars...

Tim Russert would lead a question and Mr. Cheney would not follow... two steppin all over the place. It went from a tango to a tangle. It amazes me that Politicians can answer a question and leave you wondering what the question was to begin with. Now it seem like our boys in Washington have two left feet these days. Most of what I hear lately is what we call in show biz a little song and dance. Oh, both parties are just as guilty, they are both using 9-11 as they step on each others feet to reach mid term elections. Now, some folks think that the president mixed politics with his 9-11 speech, and all I want to say about that is ... Good luck leaving it out ,considering politics is what got us into this mess. Don’t be misled into thinking that baseball or football is our county's national past time; no, it's politics!

Not sure who will lead this country for the next 4 years of this dance. However, each party is wishing each other good luck or as we say in show biz. BREAK A LEG ... and they mean it.


Will Roberts