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Published:September 21st, 2006 05:18 EST
This week politicans used SPIN-ach to gain strength around the world!

This week politicans used SPIN-ach to gain strength around the world!

By Will Roberts

Lately, every week is a different challenge to… find a story. But not this week.

One of our religious leaders is praying more than they ever have for forgiveness. Most of us think that a simple bar of soap might just be ample punishment. Others think Pope on the rope might be better.

I see that Hungary’s prime minister is dealing with his own NSA (that stands for Nobody Safe Anymore). He didn’t realize that his talks were being recorded for quality control.

In Thailand, their prime minister took a small trip to New York (the UN meeting), but when he goes back he might notice he won’t be greeted with open arms-- just military arms. Seems like the coups is their national bird over there... 11 in the last 80 years.

Now, Bush held a cocktail party at the UN meeting yesterday, but the Iranian president skipped it... mainly on count of he doesn't drink alcohol. Thank you Mr. Ab ahh dean u jon for being the designated driver, or should I say backseat driver.

Notice I have stayed away from names of some of these other countries' leaders. I can barely spell the names, let alone say them. And as we know, now-a-days it is better to point a finger than it is to mispronounce a name; a finger, you can take back. 

I need to recover from all this week's news, but I don’t think I will be getting my strength back anytime soon… we are fresh out of SPINach.

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