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Published:October 2nd, 2006 11:03 EST
It is the start of Football season, and dodgeball season in Washington.

It is the start of Football season, and dodgeball season in Washington.

By Will Roberts

Well it the official start of the football season this week. And in Washington DC it is open season for dodge ball. Lately republicans have been taking some direct hits… But have managed to take a few shots at the democrats. Nammely former president Clinton. Clinton gave a performance on a recent talkshow that could only be parrelled by howard dean’s presidential performance in 2004. .

Speaking about republican and democratic teamwork, Bush Sr and Clinton have been working together on the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund. Which does a whole lot of good. Now seems like some of the money they raised went to redo the super dome … $180 million to be exact. Now I am not that good with math but I think that might buy a few good homes and a lot of hope.

Here is a plan I sent to Washington months ago.. I tittled it  “ being PRE–Paired A Relief plan”  maybe that s why it did not make it. Too much PRE and RE in it.  The idea was they should have invited ALL the folks left in the city to the opening game, free of charge. Then use the money they spent fixing the dome on there houses. and every time they buy a ticket to one of the games it comes off their rent. NOW that would be a moral booster.

Oh, If they really want to sell tickets. Hold the Democratic national convention in 2008 there and get Hillary Clinton and Obama on the ticket.. that should raise the roof.

By the way if you get a chance to visit Hope ,AR, do it. But don’t blink or you have gone to far.  it is the birthplace of former President Clinton,  just think a President running for office from a place called Hope. Maybe 2008 will bring us a canidate from Truth Or Consequences, NM, and yes it is real.