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Published:October 17th, 2006 15:12 EST
The Current State of the Union

The Current State of the Union

By Grace Sinopoli

Understand that I am a very political person with very strong views. Ask anyone. So while the U.S. is at least pretending to be the superpower in this world, there are a bunch of things that need to change.

So many people say, "Oh, America's so far ahead of any other country." To them I say, check a headline. Both Chile and Liberia, two nations that most would probably consider not as great as our country, have recently elected their first female democratic leaders. So far every president of the United States has been male, white, and Protestant. I feel this strongly violates the people's understanding of the First Amendment, which includes freedom of religion. 

And it's not just religious freedom so many minorities in the United States are fighting for. There is still so much discrimination against people, who do not have light skin, as well as people who are gay, lesbian, and transgendered. I hear people around me describe someone or something they don't like as "gay", or crack jokes about homosexuals. I believe people don't choose their sexual orientation; they are simply born that way.

My peers also use the term "retarded" quite often, and not to describe a mentally ill person. I never use this word and become angry when I hear people around me do so.

I'm not a patriotic person. I see no need to be, because being patriotic means being proud of your country, something that I am most certainly not, at least not right now. That will definitely not change until we elect a new leader, hopefully before 2008, and stop being such a backward nation.