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Published:October 18th, 2006 12:02 EST
North Korea - Kim Jong the action hero or an Elvis look alike!

North Korea - Kim Jong the action hero or an Elvis look alike!

By Will Roberts

Now I don’t know about you folks but I am feeling a little heaver and a little more crowded since yesterday.

See Tuesday the 17th of October at 7:40 something AM we hit the 300 million mark in the US population. Which gives us more neighbors to say hello to. Now this may all change if we start franchising wars.

Not since WW2 have we been on two fronts with a war, “Will we go to WAR with north Korea?  This is only to be determined by our military leaders … how did that sound, I was trying out my political answering skills. The secret. NEVER COMMIT.
Pass the blame. pass the buck … pass a few more sanctions

I said in an earlier talk of mine that Condoleeza Rice was the Renegade cowgirl that was assigned to our cowboy diplomacy. Well we are sending her back out on the trail with a saddlebag full of sanctions… They threw in everything.
The also bans some luxury goods, for most North Koreans that would cancel out… food. And if we had a way to stop the rain we would. That would surely stunt their growth.
Australia said it would ban all ships through the port except emergencies.
Starving the poor folks might just be that exception.

"If you build it they will come."Kim Jong has built himself up to be like Elvis of the Asian world. Platform shoes, Slick black glasses and a modern day lords of Flatbush hair cut. He also has an estimated 20,000 movies in his collection. He just might have his people convienced that he is an action hero.  Lets figure out a way to deal with this so the people are not the victims. Theroy has it that IF there is military action it will cause a lot of folks to take a well-deserved vacation in China, at the Chinese governments expense. We all try to survive while the leaders to strive for more control…

It seems as though most folks think this might be best settled over a one on one heart to heart talk, even if that means one of the parties is heartless. 
If we only had better timing. I know this whole thing would blow over if it only happened sometime after Tues November 7th. It is amazing how much clearer answers become after an election.

I was listening to meet the press this weekend and I am convinced that politicians give answers that make them sound guilty. If this were a movie and these politicians were being questioned by a hard nosed cop they
Probability would have ruffed them up by now. I don’t take part in the torture therory . But for politains I might make an exception. Leave the song and dance to Hollywood…
If you want to find out all about a politicians …love, life and the pursuit of what make them happy… ask their opponents…  they know more about the politician and their history than their own mother knows.

Seems to be a trend lately having performers run for office. Rest assured this cowboy performer wont be running unless they put a little honesty in the job… which wouldn’t make it politics anymore.