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Published:October 28th, 2006 18:46 EST
Center Stage/Civil Mutiny

Center Stage/Civil Mutiny

By Justin Brandt

Justin Brandt is tired of extremists.

Justin Brandt is tired of the right wing.

Justin Brandt is tired of the left wing.

Justin Brandt shot the damn bird and had thanksgiving... and threw out the wings because there's really no good meat there.

So I'm on a forum about music, minding my own business, and politics comes up. Some people are talking about how Fox News is like watching republican candidacy commercials all day long and is just a big lie, and others are showing statistics that Fox News is considered most trusted news source in the nation. Some are calling Bush a madman, some are saying shut the heck up, and some are saying our country is backwards as heck.

And I say blow me.

To everyone.

I have seen more political and social division in the past few years than is really necessary. People are way to busy picking a side and hating the other side to have opinions of their own. It's really annoying. I used to only fear fundamentalist Christians in this country, now everyone is a fundamentalist.

Listen up; no matter who we have in office, they are going to be self serving turds. Deal with it. The last man who should be voted President is the guy who wants it the most. That means George Bush, Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, and Rupert Murdoch, whatever. The country is really a business, pick a guy who you want to be your boss, not just the guy who believes the same bull you do. Pick the guy that will improve the over-all productivity of the company, get you better pay, and improve sales. Do not look too deep into his personal crap. What church he goes to is none of your business and neither is whether or not he is his secretary... or even, god forbid! It's a SHE not a HE. It is who-ever is most qualified for the job.

People just spout off hatred of the other side without knowing squattle about anything, including anything about the guys they like. "Let's protest like it's the sixties and us standing in a street actually means something! Maybe then they'll pull the troops out of the war, magically solving the Middle East conflict!"

And after close examination of all the video footage of the trade center from many angles, as well as footage of many other demolished buildings, it does not look even a little like a controlled demo.

Conspiracy theorists just really want to scream 'rape' that badly. With that said, I do not think the Bush administration did enough to prevent an attack, after Fox News attacked Clinton and he attacked back, there were released documents that showed his administration warning Bush to be wary and continue to try to take Bin Laden out, and response documents from the Bush administration denying the urgency of the threat, and pointing out that assassinating Osama would violate our country's ethics (which we now stomp on, by torturing anyone we think even knows Bin Laden).

And no news station is fair and balanced. Fox News least of all, but it has gotten to where everything is so exaggerated I can't stand it anymore. That news station is bad, but it is not as though they run 24/7 republican campaign ads, and flat out lie about everything.

I'm sick of people with political opinions. I'm stuck around some people who take any opportunity they can to poke fun at Democrats and act as if they are communists, or make jokes about everything PC that Democrats supposedly enforce on 'normal' Americans. And then I go to see other people I know, and I hear "The heck with him, he's a republican, he can lick my balls." Or I hear random ignorant talk of how insane the government is, and how they took down the towers. I'm sick of it. Buy a brain of your own.

When I first saw the documentary about the towers it totally startled me, and I bought it for a few weeks, but after the initial shock, I went and looked at actual research and videos and everything for myself, and read the rebuttals; and the guy who made that documentary is as much of a liar as Bush. I hate them both now.

But the thing is, and I'm getting off topic, we need to understand that it's intelligent business plans that we need to vote for, not parties and social agendas and bull crap.

Look into how the economy works, and vote based on what is helpful to EVERYONE, based on actual facts, not just what your favorite politician says. As I said before, vote for who you want to be your boss: benefits the whole company, gives you time to go home to your family, helps you obtain benefits, and gets everyone fair pay. Just because you are not a laborer, doesn't mean you don't have to care if they get no money or benefits, and just because you are a laborer, doesn't mean you should want to 'stick it to the man'. Neither way works.

Vote for a candidate who has no intention to take away any of your rights OR ANYONE ELSE'S: It's not just about you.

Look at history, educate yourself, understand the wins and loses of past battles, and mistakes that caused many unnecessary deaths, let this guide you when voting on a foreign defense policy, not fear or ignorance. Actually scratch the 'and'... fear is ignorance.

Look at the way large businesses and religious groups interact with each other. Take a cue from the ones that are the most peaceful and mutually beneficial, and use that as the basis for voting for a social and economic foreign policy.

Do not let minor social issues that will evolve and resolve themselves in smaller political venues rule your vote over the issues that actually affect the state of the country.

Do not get on the bandwagon.

And remember, the USA government was not formed with the intention to be a group of overlords who own everything the country has, and control the decisions of its people. The United States Government was formed to be an ever-changing representation of the actual citizens of the country, set in place to do absolutely nothing except ensure the rights and freedoms and securities of the people from inner and outer forces. That is its sole purpose. When more money is being spent on complicated beaurocracies than schools and fire departments, and the government can make someone continue to pay for land that has been in their family for generations, and a house they built themselves, for fear of the government taking it away, then the Government has overstepped its bounds. Don't complicate things, concentrate on making a country where you can live happily and freely no matter what your decisions are.

And remember, this country was not only made for you. Fundamentalism is fundamentally un-American.